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Youth Engagement

Leadership Development Curriculum and Activities

GKMC Hoops Program 

We create safe spaces and provide athletic programming for youth that teaches teamwork, restorative justice practices, positive self-esteem, discipline, integrity, community responsibility and goal setting. These efforts are in collaboration with community schools, Park Districts, and youth-serving organizations.

Open Wounds First Aid Trauma Program 

Partnering with medical professionals, we provide opportunities for young people to learn life-saving first aid trauma skills. This includes CPR training, immediate gunshot/ stab-wound care training and mental trauma analysis training.

GKMC Expressions Art Program 

As a means to help youth heal from trauma we provide and advocate for a variety of youth opportunities through the arts. This creates space and opportunity for leadership development and restorative justice skills to be implemented in training to those in attendance. Programming includes dance, spoken word, music, visual arts and graphic design.

GKMC Hang Out Hubs 

In collaboration with schools and youth-serving organizations we work at creating youth safe spaces that are dedicated to engaging young people and developing their capacities. Youth are taught how to lead peace circles, community organizing principles, civic engagement on local issues, building power and issue campaign building. 

Police Accountability

 Engaging leaders around the past and present community climate of policing and allowing them to analyze and organize around ways to de-escalate tension and raise communication/ relations with police, while also working on or pushing for legislation that advances the safety of pedestrians on a daily basis from police bias and brutality.

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