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Our Story


In December 2017, high school students from across Chicago gathered with a goal to form a collective of students impacted by gun violence. Students elected to name the effort GoodKidsMadCity. They chose this name because they believed that as positive youth (Good Kids) who just wanted a chance to grow up and live healthy and productive lives, they lived in a city where constant violence occurs (Mad City). Additionally, the people in power were not doing enough to stop the violence. Later, several of the students set out to focus on Englewood and create a model that other communities could replicate.  So GoodKidsMadCity- Englewood (GKMC-E) was born.

Our goal is to bring young community members together to build unity, nurture healing, and create a thriving community. Throughout the process, GKMC-E will collect data that will document real change and growth in the fight against violence in the Englewood community. In addition, GKMC-E will shift and frame the narrative on urban violence by amplifying the voices of those directly impacted.


Who We Are

Our Mission​

GKMC-E develops young leaders to advocate for resources that will allow them to create sustainable, livable community conditions as well as provide tools to address both mental and physical trauma.


To create a thriving, sustainable, and livable community that is fully resourced to address the needs of the community and is driven by the work, vision, voice, and experiences of the young people.


Get Involved!

GKMC - Englewood is always searching for partners in the community to collaborate with, as well as community volunteers and youth to be involved in the ongoing effort to create a better community. From leadership development workshops to direct community service.  We are always searching for a better way to impact the lives of those we serve and preparing them to be the future leaders of the generation.

Youth Engagement


Leadership Development Curriculum and Activities

Community Service Projects


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Work Force Development


Building Yourself  a Better Future and Career

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